Pooch in a pickle

Oh bow! Of late, we have been getting into pickles and jams.  Today, it was the envelope that joined the conspiracy to get us.  How do you expect wee four-month babes to know the envelope with its tip peeping over the edge of the table was important? We only got to know when our elder sis, all of twenty years old, came screeching like a banshee into the study and then mom barged in and barged us out.

IMG-20180821-WA0003 IMG-20180821-WA0002So we – that is Zaza and Snuggles (sorry, missed the introduction – protocol’s never been our strong point) – the newest kids on the block are on a sticky wicket today.  Not our fault, we repeat.  What can innocent pups do if all the watches, sheets of paper, bathmats, toilet paper rolls, slippers in the house, even a stole gifted to mom by an aunt-in-law, join in a conspiracy to put us in a jam? A question: why are all these things there if not for us? We give meaning to existence.

Anyway, just to prove there are no hard feelings, we won’t hold that against the world (did we mention it is out to get us?) and we invite everyone in it to join us as we roller coast through our home and lives.  Our home these days is paradise… at any time of the day, the most exciting things are strewn all over – bits of paper, an eraser or two, shoe laces or socks snipped off ….  It doesn’t matter if mom picks up a few things – we can always manage to come up with more.  Sometimes, mom smartens up: when we tried adding wood shavings off door frames and chair legs to our cache, we had to beat a pungent retreat.  Now every time we see a fellow canine on a walk with quivering nostrils we know, just know, that even his or her mom sprinkles vinegar on furniture legs.


It is so beautifully worded that even I, though not a dog lover, am tempted to cuddle them!

Usha Rama

Sooo cute … But it ended abruptly.  I wanted to read more.  😊


Love these two pooches … and their jams and pickles.

Deepa Bhargav

Always look forward to anecdotes on these two!

Deepika Gupta

Keep them coming … brightens up my morning reading about ‘pooch pickles’!!

Jahnavi Mehta

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