Close Encounters of the SnuZa Kind

“Great weather.  Just love the wind blowing through my hair.”

#sniff sniff#

“You look funny woffling your nose like that!”

“And you look loony – as you are – with your ears flapping like that.”

“Look at all that water.  Ready?”

#splash whiz skid#

“Mom’s yelling.  Should we ignore?”

“What kind of silly question is that?  Of course.”

“Hey, wait! What’s that?”  “What?”  “It is an alien.” “What is that?”  “Comes from somewhere outside.” “Outside where?  Much you know about that!” “No. No. I know.  I was on the bed when Big Sis was seeing it on her laptop.” “Don’t show off! Bed, huh?  Just because I cannot climb up on my own …”  “Tee hee! Can’t help it if you are rump-heavy.”

“I am not! Just wait … OMG, it’s got Mom!!” “Oh no. Run!” “Coward.  Let’s help her.”  “I meant run for help. Who you calling coward?”  “I don’t see anyone around but you.” “Am not! Watch me.” “Are too!”  “Am not!” “Coward, coward.” “You say that once more and I’ll nip your ears … where are you going?”

“Come on.  We got to get it before it takes Mom away.” “Away? Where?”  “I don’t know.  But it’s got a hold of Mom.  Attack!”

“You go that way, and I’ll take it from here.  We’ll make short work of it.  It is so thin.”  “Stop talking.  Use your teeth.”

“Got it!”  “Shake it up.”  “Ouch! It is hard.  Can’t hold on to it.”  “Let’s use semi-automatic bite…”

#bite growl leave bite growl leave bite#

“It’s moving.  It’s taking Mom away.  Grab.  Don’t let go.”  “I am trying, but it’s pulling Mom.  She is moving.  Just came under her feet.” “It’s leaking fuel.  The ground is all wet.  Careful.”

“Does it run on water?” “This is no time for scientific discussion.  Just pull.” “No, you fool, it is leaking water.  We are all standing in it and more is being swished out from under us.” “Are you sure?” #sniff sniff# #lap lap# “So it is.  But Mom is yelling so it can’t be safe.”

“She is calling her last goodbye to us.  IT is taking her away.”  “Leave the darn thing.  Grab her pyjamas.”  “Pull!”  “Oh no! She is in pain.  Her cries are getting louder.” “You take the pyjama and I’ll take IT.”  “Attack, pull.  Don’t let go.”

“You stupid creature.  Pull the other leg, not this.”  “Who you calling stupid? You stupid.  Pull IT harder. Bite it.”  “I am.”

#total valiant shindig#

“It’s taking off.  Did you hear that crash?  It’s firing its engines.” “Out of the way.” “But Mom…?” “Jump! We’ll latch on to her shirt end.  If it takes off, we go with her.” “Now seems the right time to tell you.  You are an idiot but I love you.” “Who you calling idiot? Oh! Love you too sis.”

“We still here?  The thing is flat on the ground.  Dead.  We killed it!” Swipe 7

“What does a Be-be-draggled Pair of Clowns mean?”  “How would I know? Why? “Because that’s what Mom just called us.”  “Oh that! Mom is saying thank you to her rescuers.”  “Don’t understand.”  “You will always remain the ignorant one.  Yesterday, when Mom was reading out a poem, she said the poet had been awarded a national honour and had Order of some Empire – OBE-  after her name.”  “So?” “Uffo, foolish one.  Bedraggled Pair of Clowns is a medal for courage.”

#allsmugandsuperior#   Bedraggled (2)

“We are now Snuggles and Zaza BPC.”



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