When the cat’s away ….

Not that we like the cat and mouse bit, but English is a funny language – loaded in favour of 🐱🐱.

So, Mom and Dad, the Cool Cats, are away on a holiday to Big Bro’s university (just when we wrapped our heads around ‘college’, we learn there is something beyond) town. It is very far away and they sneaked off in the middle of the night so as not to ‘disturb’ us. We had already sensed something was up and had made our Upset Clear. Our instincts and hunches are matchless 😒 and nothing slips by as you already know (Clues to beat MomCon)

Well, the first two days were spent in a haze of moping, missing, wondering and being miffed. But Big Sis was our 👼 and a whole lot of aunts, cousins and an uncle came to ‘baby sit’. It was fun! All pampering and attention. Nobody got annoyed with us in case we took it to heart. But more on our escapades later. Right now, sufficeth to say the 🐭🐭 did play. And how!

Today we are just letting you know, we are slowly getting back to normalcy after party time. And sharing some sights Big Sis showed us. Big Bro’s graduation (another ‘big’ word) is coming up here, we believe…



…in a place called Bad Honnef, where Big Bro spent the last three years wrapping his head around numbers and figures the way we spent the last three months doing the same around ‘big’ words. From the pics we have chosen from among those Mom and Dad have sent, the place looks great. We’d love to run around in the parks there and splash about in the water – they call it Rhein in German …

As you can see, our German is picking up too. Guess we’ll need it to converse with Big Bro now. His German friend says his German is rather correct, accent and all. So we have our agenda cut out: we already know some German – Bad Honnef, Rhein – and all we have to do is add to it.

So off the 🐭🐭 go, to play some more while the 🐱🐱 are away…









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