Have you heard these?

httpclipartmag.comdog-digging-clipartWe dig really deep.  And get to the bottom of things – the real bottom.  Not human deep but way deeper.  Have you heard these famous words?  Sure, you have.  But do you know how they came to be?  Bet you do not. About time you got to know.


Let’s first go back to the wild, to the jungle, httpswww.amazon.comTarzan-Jane-Janice-Barrett-Grahamdp097247708X

You think Tarzan thought that up himself?  Well, think again.

Me Tarzan You Jane

That’s how it happened.

(Except when it’s, “Me Jane, you Jane too,” but like in all good research, fudge the slight technical error; sodownload  and let’s just move on.)


The cavalry to the rescue!


Obviously, man’s best friend to the rescue, label it what you will:




“It’s a bird.  It’s a plane…”

You don’t seriously believe humans came up with that one as they looked skywards, wondering about


Ever so often, when we are startled into sitting on our possessions by the cawing of a thief or rudely woken from our naps by some loud roaring overhead, what do you think we woof?


Pretty clear – eh – that humans have taken those words from our mouths – literally?  They are our woofs.


Big Bro II, legendary (The legend of Lord Bisquit) though he may be, sleeps weirdly.  Take a lookBisquit tongue lolling

Not that he cares, for when we tell him we will put his picture up for everyone to see if he acts tough with us, he growls,httpsme.meifrankly-my-dear-i-dont-give-a-damn-when-someone-208adfd9f0b94a93bc241ab354b14f84






—– o —–


P.S. Behind the scenes: a sly peek into the study, debate, observation, and contemplation that went into unearthing this mine of information.





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