Now that the hurly-burly’s done

It’s all about timing. It’s all about a moment in life.

You contemplate, looking out at the obsession of your life

The hose pipe lying there

Willing water to spray out of it

All of a sudden, a strange visitor looks down at you from the roof

Seems familiar

A shudder as you remember the terror of the first encounter (Come September @ Nani’s House)

But now older and wiser

You see how much this primate reminds you of folks around …

Have you ever heard the chatter and screeching of 🐒🐒?

Have you ever seen the hurly-burly when they are present?

It’s the moment in life you know – just know

Why you retreated from the world

Why you didn’t want to talk to anyone anymore:

The ‘primates’ around you had turned your life topsy-turvy

With their chatter and chaos

It was easier to hibernate

It was easier to meditate

If not the chiselling and the hammering of tile and wood

It was the hum of strange devices

And a work force with confusing smells in and out

If not meeting with vendors and discussions with planners

It was a mountain of paper

And we had to stay a mile away from jumping in

If it was not raised voices and arguments

It was the slamming of doors

And sullen faces till the next sunny weather and the next cloudburst

There were people around and about

Strange voices, strange fragrances

Great aroma of food every day just out of reach

Somewhere in the middle of all this

We got ourselves beautified (if any more is possible) because

We had to look good in chaos

Lights, flowers – out of bounds –

Big Bro in his own world, Big Sis busy

Mom and Dad more absent than present

The disappearance of our folks for hours

Their reappearance with a new person –

We understood we are now a larger family by one

Delirious joy, lots of confusion

Some moroseness, much curiosity

It was easier to hibernate

It was easier to meditate

Than try and make sense of all the hurly-burly

But now the hurly-burly’s done

And our visitor of a day ago came with great ‘wakening light’

(Abou Ben Adhem, we now know exactly

what you meant)

And we will make sense of the topsy-turvy

And talk to you again

We will trap the disorderly spray of water from the hose

And pattern it tidily and prettily – like ourselves

The saga of the dynamic duo continues

Watch this space!


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