Bitch Fight

Zaza and Snuggles are on the warpath. They snap and snarl at each other, saying things any pair of siblings will identify with (although their angry words are more for siblings above 13!) Who wins this bitch fight?

Intelligent, inquisitive and mythical

Fired by the zeal to study along with Mom, Snuggles and Zaza read into mythology and discover that they have a rich, mythological heritage. They talk about their atavistic tendencies, bringing out their intelligence and mythical nature. (Some images are from other internet sources.)


Grounding humans

In trouble over their (mis)deeds while Mom and Dad were away to Germany, SnuZa argue it is not they but humans who deserve to be grounded. With 'adult human' words like conflict and pollution, they just may be right...

Clues to beat MomCon

The thing is Mom is sneaky.  She camouflages a lot of her intentions.  But no matter how many red herrings she throws our way, our noses are too sharp not to smell the fishy fish. How we figure out things is, as a famous person once said (or did not), "Elementary, my dear Watson". 🔎Clues form the backbone of good detective work🔍